AGM Election Page

2017 AGM Election

The date of the VMHA AGM has been set for Tuesday April 11th, 2017. 

The following positions are up for election for a two year term:


Second Vice President


Equipment Manager

Coach Coordinator

Referee Assignor

Risk Manager

The following position is up for election for a one year term:

Tournament Director

Association members who wish to be nominated for board positions and have their name and bio posted to the website must declare their candidacy by March 11th, 2017

If there are three or more nominations for a position, then nominations will close on the deadline date of March 11th.  If there are not three nominations for that position, then nominations will remain open on the floor at the AGM.

To declare your candidacy for any open board position, please e-mail on or before March 11th, 2017.  Please include a short (one paragraph) bio.  You are also welcome to submit a photo.

2017 - 2019 Board Member Candidates


Kevin Cartwright

Kevin is passionate about driving change and challenging status quo including leveraging financial resources, members and director of hockey for the betterment of the association. 

Kevin has been equipment manager for past 2 years and was also on his son's daycare board. His son just finished first year Atom and Kevin coached his son in H1 to H4 also coaches microfootie.

If elected I my priorities would be to review/discuss/improve:
-- cross ice hockey
-- maximize ice allocation (ie one practice a week is shared between A1/A2 team)
-- player development (supporting coaches and director of hockey)
-- strategic plan

-- cost effectively turned old surplus jerseys into pinnies
-- RFID tags installed in jerseys to uniquely identify and track lifespan of jerseys 
-- inventory of all jerseys (tracked in excel)
-- jersey replacement strategy
-- sourced and ordered sublimated jerseys
-- inventory/tracking of initiation goalie equipment 
-- documentation of all equipment manager processes and deadline dates

I would also like to thank outgoing president Gord Schmidt for his countless hours of dedication to VMHA.

2nd Vice-President

Tara Rodas

Tara has a certificate in Professional Communications, Bachelor’s in Applied Behaviour Analysis, and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Special Education. Her research focus is training instructors in sport and recreation to support individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. She is also currently a Sports and Recreation Program Coordinator at the Canucks Autism Network, in addition to managing her son’s hockey team. Tara brings lots of experience in communications and social media, and has managed several social media accounts for other non-profit organizations. Highlights in this area include winning the 2016 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Storytellers Contest, and helping her son’s VMHA team with the 2017 Hometown Hockey Cheer Regional Contest!


No Candidates


Derrick Young

My name is Derrick Young. I have been involved with the VMHA since 2013 as a coach and manager. I currently have 1 child playing in the VMHA and a 2nd child joining next season and hopefully a 3rd in another 2-3years. Professionally, I am a physiotherapist and co-own several clinics in the lower mainland. In the management of my clinics, I have experience in both tracking supplies, inventory and equipment as well as sourcing vendors to acquire these at the best possible price without sacrificing quality. I look to build on the already outstanding system installed by the previous equipment manager by adding equipment to specifically enhance coaching and skill acquisition such as Power Edge Pro. Moreover, it is my goal to assemble an equipment committee to help make VMHA the sharpest looking and well equipped association in BC.

Coach Coordinator

Ryan Crago

 VMHA Coach – since 2010

Hastings Little League Coach – since 2011

NCCP Certification Hockey(Coach 2)/Baseball

 I have spent the past six winters coaching hockey with Vancouver Minor, while spending summer seasons coaching baseball with Hastings Little League. My passion for coaching stems from the great experiences I had playing minor sports at competitive levels through my teens years, and the strong coaches I had as role models.

 I believe that our coaches are armed with tremendous responsibility and the role of Coaching Coordinator is vital to their success. Not only are we teaching our children the game of hockey, but also ensuring our players’ meet their individual and team potentials, facilitating social wellness, and above all, rounding young hockey players into young adults.


No Candidates

Risk Manager

Gordon Rumohr

 VMHA Risk Manager for the last 2 years.Currently 2 of 3 kids playing hockey, (H2 and Peewee). Professional background is in Physical Therapy and return to work management (28 years)

Accomplishments over the last 2 years:

  • ·         Incorporated epact into the VMHA for safe, secure storage and access of player personal information
  • ·         Streamlined waiver commitment into ePACT
  • ·         Partnered with local clinics and a national organization to help incorporate a concussion management policy for VMHA
  • ·         Streamlined (as much as possible) the criminal record check process
  • ·         Past participant in the dispute Resolution Committee
  • ·         Partnering with the registrar to make the Hockey Canada Profile the best repository of information for ease of reference.

I would be honoured to have your support to continue as your Risk Manager for the next 2 years.

Tournament Director

 No Candidates