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Posted 4/5/2017 Ref # 3573

Congratulations to Atom C2: They won their league banner!

Congratulations to VMHA Atom C2! Not only did they win the silver medal at the RMHC Spring Classic, they won the PCAHA Atom C League Banner! Well done team!

Posted 3/15/2016 Ref # 3548

Congratulations to Atom C1 for winning the PCAHA Banner!

Congratulations to Atom C1 for winning the 2015 -2016 PCAHA President's League Atom C Banner.

Way to go Atom C1! We're super proud of you!

Posted 1/5/2016 Ref # 3484

Atom C3 takes Silver at VMHA Tournament

Atom C3 takes silver after playing 3 games in less than 8 hours. The journey to the gold game was difficult. During the preliminary round, the Atom C3 played 4 difficult games against teams outside of their usual conference and ended in first place in their pool. The  second game was played against a strong Bby Minor team and the final game was essentially a rematch of Langley’s Atom C5 who we had played and beaten in the final game of the preliminary round. In the end, Langley found a way to beat our tired and hurting players. The coaching staff are proud of the team and their performance and look forward to the second half of the season.