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Posted 9/8/2017
Hockey Day @ VMHA!


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Saturday, November 4 th , 2017

The Countdown Starts Now!


Over the next few weeks you will be hearing a lot about our 1 st Annual Hockey Day at VMHA, the most exciting, fun-filled family event your VMHA has ever put together. 

This event was designed to bring together everything our fantastic association stands for…competition, team building, friendship, family and most of all, the feeling of community inherent to hockey. 

Your VMHA has worked hard through the summer months to put together an all-day event designed to include and engage everybody in your family. We are SO excited!

When: Saturday, November 4 th , 2917 (All Day)
Where: Agrodome
  • Photo Day
  • 3 on 3 Tournament
  • Skills Competition
  • Exhibition Games
  • Raffles, silent auctions, puck toss (Big $$$ to be won!)
  • Carnival Games
  • Gear Sale
  • Food Trucks
  • And to cap the day off, the 2017 Annual Puck n’ Party (sorry kids, this one’s for your parents)


WE NEED HELP in the following areas. All volunteer participation regarding Hockey Day at VMHA will qualify toward completion of your volunteer  
(so you get your $150 back!)

Those who join our team will be given a small and manageable task, working with several others to make each component of the event happen. Many hands make light work!

To sign up to help, please e-mail fundraising@vmha.com

1. 3 on 3 Tournament Committee
a. Registrar – handle inbound 3 player online team registration
b. Creating brackets, scheduling games
c. Team management – keeping teams to schedule
d. Timekeeping (7 min run time games) Scorekeeping (team and
individual totals)
e. On ice officiating

2. Fun Committee (Carnivals, draws etc)
a. Setup coordination
b. Game operators (can be mature teenagers too)
c. Financial controls – tickets sales, transactions
d. Cashiers

3. Gear Sale Committee
a. Procurement communication
b. Pickups
c. Pricing/Merchandising/ Cataloguing
d. Floor Sales

4. Puck n’ Party Committee
a. Ticket sales/marketing/ communications
b. Silent Auction Procurement
c. Silent Auction Merchandising
d. Bartending (Beer n Wine)
e. Cashiers/Financial Controls

As you can see, this is an extremely ambitious project with many moving parts.

Those of you who feel you have directly related skills that might make us more efficient, PLEASE raise your hand and help! Those of you who just want to help in whatever way you can, lift TWO HANDS!

Thank you, and let’s make this a fantastic beginning of a new tradition in our VMHA!