What We're About

We're about fun and development

We're not the biggest association in B.C., but we'd like to be considered one of the best.

We're working toward that by zeroing in on what's most important to our kids and parents: fun and development in a mix that doesn't compromise either one. And we're doing it by keeping it as affordable as possible, through a blend of volunteers and top-notch coaches.

Whether your kid is in house league or rep hockey - the so-called select level of the sport -  he or she will have the coaching help and additional skills instruction for constant improvement. A house league player of today can be a much better house league player tomorrow, or a rep player down the road.

Rep hockey isn't for everyone. It demands a level of commitment, and additional ice time and fees, that aren't appealing to every family. So our focus in VMHA is on the development of all players at all levels.

Whether you're a newcomer to our organization or someone who has been around for several years, we invite you to explore this website to get a fuller sense of what we're all about.